Racing Name: Bua Dubh

Date of Birth: September 2007

Buddy is a really handsome chap, with a beautiful black glossy coat! Buddy's always pleased to see you, and as his name suggests, he's really one of those dogs that will become a man's best friend! He's a model of good behaviour around the kennels and he's likely to be one of the first you meet if you volunteer with us because he can always be trusted to walk nicely. He can be a touch reserved with new people, but his friends know him as a playful, gentle, contented boy who just wants to be with his person — whether they're having a game in the garden or snuggled up on the sofa. Buddy is great with children and would make a super family pet. He's a really special dog who so deserves a loving home of his own and will be a wonderful companion for a lucky someone.

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