Johnny Reggae

Racing Name: News Reporter Date of Birth: January 2009

Karen says: “Johnny Reggae (John to his mates) does not act like an older dog, despite his grey face. He is super friendly, doesn’t mind being an only dog, adapts well to new situations and just loves attention. He has been at home with some of my volunteers for a weekend and was clean indoors, quiet overnight and really enjoyed his time playing with toys and having cuddles. He is not badly behaved around smaller breeds; although he’s interested, he’s easily controlled. He is more curious than aggressive and within a very short time would learn to ignore them completely. We have used John for lots of our ‘meet & greets’ at Pets at Home and other gatherings. The only time he was ever a bit overcome was when the Pets at Home team made room for him next to the rescued rabbit display. A big ask for any greyhound but John was still controllable, just staring and excited. John is a firm favourite with our volunteers — he really is gentleman John.”

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