The rehoming process

Here at Dunrunnin, we pride ourselves on the care we take when pairing our dogs with their new owners. We welcome applications from all kinds of prospective home; we have successfully placed dogs in flats, with working families, with young children -- even with house rabbits! Our belief is that matching the needs of the dog with the needs of their new family is the most important factor in a successful rehoming.

There are a few simple steps involved in adopting a dog from us:

Is a greyhound right for me?

Is a greyhound right for me?

The first step on your rehoming journey is for you to decide whether you are able to welcome a greyhound into your family. Please explore our site to learn more about greyhounds and find out about our dogs who are waiting for a home. The Greyhound Trust also has lots of useful information about our favourite breed.

Got questions? Drop us a line! We are always happy to talk to prospective owners about our dogs!



Pay us a visit!

So you've read all there is to read about rehoming a sighthound and you've decided that a retired greyhound is for you? Perhaps one of our kennels favourites has caught your eye? The next step is to drop by and meet us (no appointment necessary).

Karen will chat to you about your current circumstances and what you're looking for in a pet dog, and you'll be introduced to all our residents in person. If you're interested in a particular dog, you'll be invited to take them for a walk in the woods so you can get to know each other. Bring your wellies if it's muddy!

If you already have another dog, bring them to the kennels with you to ensure they don’t take a dislike to your chosen hound. Your current pet may choose your new dog for you!

Choosing your dog


Once you've found The One, we will carry out a homecheck. Before you can take a dog from us, our homecheckers will want to ensure that your home is suitable eg. fenced garden, where your pet will sleep, how long the dog will be left alone, etc. and they may have some helpful tips which will help your chosen dog settle more easily.

There’s no need to be put off by the home visit, as our homecheckers are all friendly dog lovers. We will consider all prospective homes on their individual merit.

If you live a distance away from Dunrunnin then you may prefer to have the homecheck carried out prior to visiting the kennels as this will save you making a return trip to collect your new dog. Please give us a call if this is the case.


We suggest a donation of £190 for each adoption to help towards our costs of caring for the greyhounds at Dunrunnin (including the cost of neutering your chosen Greyhound before it leaves our kennels). This includes a £25 transfer of ownership fee.

Rehoming follow up

Follow Up

At any time after you take your new pet home you can contact us with any questions you may have. Often a quick phone call or email can answer your query but if you have a more detailed behavioural problem we can support you over the phone or with a visit if necessary.

What if the adoption doesn't work out?

Unfortunately sometimes a homing doesn’t work out for some reason or your circumstances change. If this happens the greyhound should always be returned to us at Dunrunnin.